take a (chance/gamble) (on)


1. do something risky in the hopes of achieving something positive






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take a chance/gamble on someone

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'To gamble' is to play a game with the hope of winning money or to act in a risky way in the hope of achieving success. When you 'take a gamble' it means to spend or invest money with the hope of making a profit, in this way it means to take a risk. 'To take a chance' has a similar meaning to behave in a way which involves a risk or a possibility of danger or failure.  You can take a chance on a person, meaning to put your trust or faith in them with the awareness that it might be risky or that they could disappoint you.  If you tell someone you are taking a chance or taking a gamble you are letting them know that the result is not certain or safe.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. I took a chance when I asked Maria to marry me, but luckily she said 'yes,' so it paid off!
  2. took a gamble buying such a cheap car. I should have known there would be something wrong with it.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Despite her relative lack of experience, I took a chance and hired Lucy because I believe that she has enormous potential.
  2. I know I'm taking a gamble by leaving my job and starting my own business, but if I can make it work then I will have fulfilled one of my life's ambitions.

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