rip apart


1. ruin or tear something/someone to pieces






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rip a person/thing apart

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To 'rip apart' something means to tear it to pieces or completely destroy something. "He ripped up all the photos of their time together." It can also be used figuratively to say something causes people to argue or no longer be friends. "The disagreement ripped the family apart for years." You can also 'rip apart' an argument by discrediting it or 'rip apart' a person by publicly criticising them and calling them out.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. It only took my dog a few seconds to rip apart my new shoes. I had no choice but to toss them in the bin.
  2. The critics ripped the film apart in their reviews. They made no bones about their distaste for its graphic violence.
  3. I enjoy my job, but my long work hours are ripping my marriage apart.
  4. The explosions were powerful enough to rip the building apart. There was nothing left but debris.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. Out whole defence was ripped apart in minutes by their solicitor in court. 
  2. We found some sensitive documents that were ripped apart in the trash outside.
  3. Our CEO is in a compromised position and has been ripped apart by the media.

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