1. decide against or choose not to do something






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reject option/suggestion/application

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To reject something means to dismiss or refuse to accept something usually on the grounds that it is faulty or because it is not of a good enough standard. To reject something can mean to refuse to agree, such as rejecting an idea or rejecting a proposal. To reject a person is to fail to show affection or emotion towards someone. Medically, to reject something is to have an immune response where the body reacts to a transplant, tissue or implated or artificial devise so that it fails to work. As a noun, a reject is something or someone which is dismissed as inadequate or unacceptable or a production item which is sold at a reduction because of flaws in manufacturing.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. I completely reject the notion that men are more intelligent than women.
  2. Well, there were three options on the table, but you've rejected one of them, so now there are only two left.
  3. I reject the idea that shared work space leads to less productivity.

  4. My application to the university was unfortunately rejected.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. I wanted to ask you out for ages but I was too afraid of rejection.
  2. I completely reject what you're saying. I just can't agree with you.
  3. I got my nose pierced but my body rejected the jewellery so I had to remove it.
  4. Children who experience rejection from their parents are likely to suffer when they are older.

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