(rear/raise) its ugly head


1. something difficult or unpleasant appears or becomes visible






Check Icon How to Memorize

let's hope that problem doesn't rear/raise its ugly head again

Check Icon Analysis

Something which 'rears or raises it's ugly head' becomes visible or causes trouble especially after lying hidden for a time or having previously gone away. It can also refer to unpleasant topics being brought up by someone who is in a position of superiority. Usually, this phrase is used to talk about intangible objects.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Religious extremism has been rearing its ugly head in the divided country due to the breakdown of the peace talks.
  2. The threat of transport strikes rears its ugly head again as drivers are refused a pay increase.
  3. The topic of gun control reared its ugly head over dinner and lead to an uncomfortable silence at the table.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. After bringing in an IT specialist I believe that we have resolved the long-standing issue, so hopefully it will never raise its ugly head again.
  2. Thanks to our recent downturn in sales, the threat of job cuts has reared its ugly head.

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