put (your) best foot forward


1. act or show yourself in the most positive way possible






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put your best foot forward in the interview

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The idiom to put your best foot forward means to do something or to undertake something with as much effort and determination as you are able. To put your best foot forward means to present yourself in the most positive way possible. Usually, when someone advises you to put your best foot forward, it is because they are encouraging you to impress someone else.

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  1. Jack knows that there's a lot of competition for the job, so in the interview he really needs to put his best foot forward.
  2. It's important that I put my best foot forward at the conference because I will have the chance to meet a lot of potential clients.
  3. I was late on my first day in my new job. Talk about not putting your best foot forward!

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  1. You need to dress well and look professional when you are going to view a place to rent. You want to put your best foot forward in order to be considered by the landlord.
  2. Doing well in university relies on having a good routine right from the beginning so I would advise putting your best foot forward from day one.

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