put in


1. submit or install something, devote something to a task






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put in more time/effort/details

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To put in can mean to devote time and effort to something such as putting in hours in, in the office. To put in can also mean to install something for example, 'we are putting in security cameras and an alarm as a safety measure'. To put in can also mean to make an official offer or submission. To 'put in' can also mean to interrupt someone when they are speaking to invest money in business or in an account. You can also use 'put in' when talking about giving a job or position to somebody within a company or organisation.' They put in a new manager in an attempt to revitalise the store'.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Scott put in as much effort as he could to win the race, but he still ended up outside of the top ten.
  2. After last week's burglary, I will feel a lot safer once the engineer puts in the new alarm system for the house.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. This article is too lightweight. More details need putting in to provide readers with a clearer picture of events.
  2. Sarah does not like her manager at all, so she put in for a transfer to a different department.

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