push forward (with)


1. continue with something in a determined way






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push forward with your plans

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The phrasal verb 'push forward' has several uses and meanings in English. It can mean the same as 'push', to exert pressure on something so it moves or changes. To 'push forward' can also mean to move forward towards a goal or position, even if there is resistance or opposition. If you 'push yourself forward' it means you are taking advantage of an opportunity to encourage others to see your abilities or talents. 

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  1. Despite widespread criticism, the government decided to push forward with their controversial new policy.
  2. I set myself goals each year and when I'm behind in reaching them I look for ways to push forward.

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  1. I had a few setbacks getting my business up and running, but by pushing forward I managed to overcome them.
  2. After a long and frank meeting, we decided to push forward with our plans to expand the business.

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put forward carry on

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