(pull/take) apart


1. reduce to pieces, argue against or be overly critical






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pull/take sth apart to find the problem

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 To 'pull something apart' means to pull it into pieces or sections. 'Pull apart' is often used with food. "She pulled the meat apart from the bone with ease. It was cooked to perfection." To 'pull apart' also means to separate or break something into pieces or parts. "He pulled the house apart looking for his keys." It can also be used figuratively. "HIs addiction pulled the family apart." You can also 'pull apart' people or animals in order to prevent a fight. "The police pulled them apart before they could hurt each other." Similar in meaning to 'tear apart.' If you 'take apart' something it means you separate it into to the different parts it is made of. "I will have to take the PC apart to see what the issue is." " When you 'take apart' an argument or an idea you analyse it carefully and expose any weak part of the argument or incorrect facts.

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  1. The engine was broken, but the mechanic had to take it apart to find the problem.
  2. The kids wanted to make the jigsaw puzzle, but I had to take it apart first.
  3. The Professor pulled apart my entire argument and I had to start writing all over again.
  4. I couldn't find the file anywhere, I had to take the office apart to find it.
  5. My wife lost her wedding ring, and we had to pull the place apart to find it.

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  1. The intensity and stress of this project is pulling us all apart. I have arranged for a team-building exercise this week in order to improve the situation.
  2. Can we pull apart the manufacturing process and identify where the weaknesses are?
  3. I can completely take apart your argument with a number of studies that have been carried out in the past two years.

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disassemble dismantle

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