(press/drive) home


1. put emphasis on something






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press/drive home a concern/suggestion/notion

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If you 'press home' or 'drive home' a fact or opinion, you are highlighting it and emphasising the point. If you 'press something home', it means what you are saying or communicating is of importance and you want others to pay attention: "If we don't get this delivered on time, we will likely lose this client. I can't press this fact home enough." This expression can be used to convey the seriousness of something you are trying to convey. It can also be used to talk about someone's attitude: "He is always pressing home the issue of safety since the accident last year. I mean we get it already. He doesn't have to keep reminding us." You will hear this in social and professional contexts.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. When you give the presentation, I want you to really drive home the idea that we discussed.
  2. I can't press home enough how dangerous it is to cycle at night with no lights on your bicycle.
  3. The fire safety demonstration really drove home how dangerous it is to lock your bedroom doors at night.
  4. My parents always drove home the importance of getting a good education.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. As Line Manager, it's your responsibility to drive home the notion that everyone should work equally as hard.
  2. I have brought you here today to drive home the safety procedures after a breach last week.
  3. If I were to press home one thing during this training, it would be to value and respect your team members and colleagues.

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