1. be much better than someone/something






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outclass the opposition

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To 'outclass' something (verb) means to be superior or much better than something or someone in terms of quality, performance or behaviour. "The new range of PC's outclass all others in terms of functionality." "His manners outclassed everyone else at the table." This expression is more likely to be used in formal situations.

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  1. Such was the company's confidence in the quality of their new phone, they said it would outclass every other product in the market.
  2. It was a totally one-sided final. The losing team were outclassed from start to finish.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. In blind taste tests, our new recipe outclassed our competitors four out of five times.
  2. The two executives were in a bitter row where our representative outclassed our rival in every way. 

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