out in the open


1. no longer a secret, an area not closed in






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get something out in the open

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To be 'out in the open' means something is common knowledge or that it has been uncovered or revealed. Something 'out in the open' was probably once a secret that has now been made public knowledge. "The politicians' discretions are now out in the open after a witness reported him to the press." If something is 'out in the open' it also means it is exposed or out in the air and visible to others. "I wouldn't leave your new bike out in the open like that, it'll be stolen immediately."

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Let's get all our problems out in the open so we can work through them rather than always talking behind each other's back.
  2. The deer moved from the shelter of the trees out into the open where it was easy for the hunter to spot it. 
  3. The journalist was determined to get all the facts about the missing girl out into the open. She felt that the truth had been covered up for too long.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. The issues management are facing are now out in the open allowing us to move on.
  2. Now that the rumours of layoffs are out in the open we wanted to talk to all of our employees about the potential to upskill.

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