(morning) stand-up


1. a brief (morning) meeting where employees gather to discuss progress and plans






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the morning stand-up is a great way to get everyone up to date

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In a ‘morning stand up’ participants in the meeting typically remain standing in an effort to help keep the meeting short and to avoid talking about things that are irrelevant. A ‘morning stand up’ can be used to talk about progress, to set goals for the day or to make plans. This is an expression you will generally only hear used in professional contexts.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. Larry kept his update short and to the point because it was just the morning stand-up, not a full-blown meeting.
  2. As a manager, I like stand-up meetings because they are usually conducted within a fixed time period which requires greater focus. They are also a quick and effective way to get everyone up to date, particularly at the start of the working day. 

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