moment of truth


1. the point at which a decisive event happens or you discover if someone/something has been successful






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the moment of truth had arrived; would it be a success or failure?

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A 'moment of truth' is a time when something is tested to determine its success or a serious decision must be made. The 'moment of truth' can have an impact on the future course of action and may be a turning point for a person or project. In marketing, the 'moment of truth' is the time when a customer first interacts with a brand and forms an opinion of it.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. When I saw the letter from the college addressed to me, I knew that this was my moment of truth. I was about to find out whether all the hard work I had put into preparing for my exams had paid off.
  2. As I looked into the eyes of my opponent, I knew this was the moment of truth. My whole career depended on winning this fight.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. We had done all we could developing and marketing the product, and now that it was being rolled out to the public, the moment of truth had arrived - was it going to be a success or failure?
  2. The R&D department had spent months working on a prototype, and now it was the moment of truth.Would the device work when tested in the field or would we have to go back to the drawing board?
  3. The first moment of truth is when a consumer chooses one brand over another in a range of competing offering.

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