1. reduce to a smaller amount






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minimise risk/danger

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To minimise something means to make it smaller or reduce it as much as possible: "We are asking every household to minimise their use of water during the drought." It can also mean to downplay the importance of something: "He minimised the importance of her contribution to the project when he met with investors." You will hear this word used often in professional contexts, in phrases such as 'minimise risk', 'minimise spending', and 'minimize the danger'. You will most often hear this word used in professional situations.

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  1. We have to put procedures in place to minimise the risk of delays and cancelled flights.
  2. Health and safety procedures do not eliminate risks but rather minimise them.
  3. Yari tends to minimise his contribution to the team and that means he is often passed over when it comes to promotions and pay rises.

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  1. Keeping a fire extinguisher in your house can minimise the danger of losing everything you own.
  2. I don't want to minimise your experience but lots of people feel the same way as you.

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