1. imitate someone in order to entertain or ridicule






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be a talented mimic

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To 'mimic' someone means to impersonate them or imitate their actions, behaviours or words in order to entertain others or to ridicule or make fun of someone.  As a noun, ' a mimic' is someone who has a talent for impersonating others.  It can also be used as an adjective to describe the behaviour of mimicking somebody. "A mimic competition" for example.

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  1. She is a talented mimic, with the ability to impersonate a range of well known public figures.
  2. My brother mimicked my father's voice on the phone in order to play a trick on me.
  3. My friend is so good at mimicking the way our teacher behaves that he makes the whole class laugh.

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  1. Are used to think he was a great leader but I have come to realise he just mimics other people in power and has no original ideas of his own.
  2. We need to innovate and invest in creativity if we want to stand out from our competitors and not simply mimic their product offerings.

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impersonate wind(-)up

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