make no bones about it


1. state clearly what you feel about something






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make no bones about something

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To 'make no bones about' something is to state something clearly and directly, leaving no doubt as to what you want or how you feel. "She made no bones about the fact that she didn't enjoy the meal.! "He made no bones about what he thought of our work." This is an idiom similar in meaning to 'don't beat around the bush', 'to level with' or 'to speak one's mind'.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. I think you're a capable student, but make no bones about it; if you don't pull up your socks you won't pass the exam.
  2. The critic disliked the movie and made no bones about her issues with it in her review.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Make no bones about it, if we don't dramatically increase our revenue we will be looking at job cuts in the New Year.
  2. I firmly believe in this technology. Make no bones about it. Every successful company will use AI within the next year.

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