1. the size or extent of something






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the magnitude of the task/achievement

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Something of 'magnitude' is big or huge or of significance. "The magnitude of the problem is only just becoming apparent." "We have never witnessed a storm of this magnitude before." This is a noun that can also be used to describe events of importance. "The Queen's visit was of enormous magnitude in terms of the two country's relationship." You are more likely to hear this word used in formal contexts.

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  1. After the building collapsed, members of the rescue team felt overawed by the magnitude of the task in front of them.
  2. The magnitude of her achievement cannot be overstated. It really was amazing!
  3. The sheer magnitude of the earthquake was difficult to explain. No one knew why it was so powerful.

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  1. The magnitude of the economic effects on broken supply chains has not yet been felt by many countries in the EU.
  2. we have been presented with a magnitude of challenges throughout this process and were supported by our local enterprise board every step of the way.

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