1. an error or oversight which allows people to do something that would otherwise be forbidden or illegal






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exploit/find/close a loophole

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A loophole is an oversight or an error which allows people to take advantage of a situation or do something that would otherwise be illegal or frowned upon. A loophole is something usually found in an agreement, contract, or law that can be exploited in some way.

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  1. The record label moved quickly to close a loophole that allowed customers to download music from their website for free. 
  2. Susan has a fantastic legal mind, and when necessary can always find a loophole to make sure her client is acquitted.
  3. The company were exploiting tax loopholes in order to avoid their corporate tax obligations.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. I found a loophole in the school rules that will let me hand my assignment in late.
  2. Due to a loophole in the planning laws, we discovered we can build a second property on our land if both buildings have connecting doors.
  3. Can you stop looking for loopholes and just do things the way they are meant to be done?

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