1. outer edge or boundary, parameters






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push/reach the limits, limited capacity

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A limit is an upper level or boundary which is not advisable to exceed. 'Limit' can be a verb or a noun. As a verb 'limit' means to serve as or set a limit to. "She limits her exposure to the sun as her skin is very fair."  "He is on a diet so he has to limit treats to one day at the weekend." As a noun, a limit can be a point beyond which something cannot or does not go past. Similar to a 'boundary' or 'border'. "You must not drive over 40km/h within the city limits."  A limit may also be the furthest point of what somebody can mentally or physically endure. "New parents often find themselves at the limits of sleep deprivation." "She almost completed the race but reached his limit just short of the 66k mark." It can also refer to a restriction on the size, speed or amount of something which is permitted or possible. You will often hear this use in law or government guidelines. "The speed limit on motorways is 120km per hour." "The government will reimburse medical expenses exceeding a limit of €400 per month."

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. I've tried to fix the problem, but my options are limited.
  2. We need to push ourselves to the limit this time. We need to improve.
  3. The company wasn't able to compete in the market, because it's resources were limited.
  4. The theatre has a limited capacity. No more than 10,000 people are allowed inside.
  5. I've reached the limits of my patience. I can't stand this anymore!
  6. When I took the multiple choice quiz, the choices were limited to 3 in every question.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. The fire safety restrictions limit the number of people the venue can hold.
  2. Let's limit ourselves to one market first before we think about expanding.
  3. Our product choice is limited by what the supermarkets are willing to stock.

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