1. the power to influence people, using borrowed capital to make an investment






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lack the leverage to get something done

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The verb leverage in a finance context refers to using borrowed money to purchase an investment or company in the expectation that the profit will be higher than the investment or to increase the value of the companies shares. Leverage can also refer to power. If you use leverage, it means you use your position or influence in order to achieve something that you want. The verb leverage can also be used to talk about using something to its maximum advantage. As a noun, leverage is using a lever or an object to exert a force on something. Leverage is also the power to influence someone or something.

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  1. Kate's proposal was well thought out and cost effective, but as a lower-level manager, she didn't have the leverage to get Head Office to action it.
  2. The news corporation leveraged its assets in order to acquire the loans necessary to purchase additional media outlets. The move was undertaken as part of their ambitious expansion plans.
  3. The company has very little equity to operate with and is therefore highly leveraged. That puts a large strain on the business as it is required to make substantial interest payments.

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  1. I am hoping to use my leverage with the company to encourage them to sponsor the event.
  2. When my car crashed the fire department had to use a steel bar as leverage to open the door and get me out.

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