1. elaborate or extravagant






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live a lavish lifestyle

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'Lavish' is an adjective used to describe something luxurious, rich or extravagant. "He was astonished at the lavish home his colleague lived in." "This chocolate is made from luxurious cocoa beans and is a lavish and decadent treat." As a verb, it is used to describe the act of giving something in extravagant or generous quantities. "They lavished praise on the pianist after an incredible performance." "The family lavished gratitude on the man who saved their son."

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  1. Theatre critics loved the new play, and in particular, lavished praise on the star of the show.
  2. After winning the lottery, she had the money to live the lavish lifestyle that she had always dreamed of.
  3. The billionaire's lavish spending looks set to continue after he announced that work has begun on his new yacht.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. Our business suite is a lavish and comfortable area of the hotel in which to work and receive guests.
  2. This is the perfect opportunity to lavish praise on my incredible team who worked so hard to get this project over the line.

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