(latch/grab/hold) onto


1. attach oneself to someone or something enthusiastically, grasp or cling to someone or something tightly






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latch/grab/hold onto someone/an opportunity

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To latch onto something can mean to become fixed to something or fastened. To grab can mean to clutch or sees something. To hold can mean to grasp carry or support something with your hands. If you latch/ grab/ hold onto you something it means to attach yourself to something or to cling to it. This expression can be used figuratively or literally.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. I find Mike really boring, but at the party he latched onto me so I was stuck chatting to him all night!
  2. I had to grab onto my brother to stop him from falling when he lost his footing on the bridge.
  3. You should never be afraid to grab onto an opportunity when it presents itself.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Working in such a competitive environment, I have to fight tooth and nail to hold onto my job.
  2. Anne has really latched onto the idea of embracing technology, but I think our customers value our more personal approach to customer service.

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