It takes two to tango


1. it takes two people to make sth happen






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it takes two to tango

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The ‘tango’ is a dance for a female and male dancer that comes from Argentina. The idiom ‘it takes two to tango’ implies that the particular task in question requires two people to be involved - and that one person could not have managed it alone. It can be used as a way of suggesting two parties are linked in some way or that they are equally responsible. Usually, this phrase is used where there is a negative connotation.

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  1. He tried to blame it all on me, but I reminded him that it takes two to tango!
  2. Both parents have an important role in their child's life it takes two to tango when it comes to child-rearing.

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  1. Both of you will face disciplinary proceedings for this, not just one. We all know it takes two to tango.
  2. I hope that we can reach an agreement during these negotiations we can't do this alone it takes 2 to tango.

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