in the nick of time


1. last possible moment






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arrived/got there in the nick of time

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Something done in the nick of time is done 'just on time' or at the last possible moment. This idiomatic phrase is similar in meaning to'down to the wire' or 'a close call'.  The implication with this expression is that if the action hadn't been carried out on time the consequences would be bad. "We arrived just in the nick of time to see his performance." "I visited the doctor just in the nick of time."

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  1. The train was just about to leave, so we got there in the nick of time!
  2. He arrived just in the nick of time, as the movie had started when he walked in.

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  1. We had so many delays on this project we just about delivered it in the nick of time.
  2. I almost missed my flight due to the traffic but I managed to make it to the airport in the nick of time to catch the flight.

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