in the face of adversity


1. despite/when confronted by difficulties or misfortune






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he/she showed great resolve/courage/determination in the face of adversity

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Adversity refers to a situation where you have continuous bad luck or are in a difficult or unpleasant situation with many obstacles or problems. To be in the face of adversity is to be in a situation where you are forced to confront setbacks or challenges.

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  1. Carol had a difficult childhood, but she managed to get through it by remaining positive in the face of adversity.
  2. In the face of adversity, I wanted to give up but my friends encouraged me to keep going.

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  1. When things started to go badly with the project, Sam struggled on in the face of adversity, displaying tremendous levels of resolve and determination.
  2. On paper, Tom looks like the perfect candidate for the job, but you never know how someone will cope in the face of adversity until they have been tested in the field.

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