(in a) sorry state of affairs


1. an unfortunate situation, a bad situation/circumstance






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country/economy is in a sorry state of affairs, it's a sorry state of affairs when (sth is bad)

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Something which is 'a sorry state of affairs' is a particularly bad situation or upsetting, unfortunate or unpleasant circumstance. This is an idiomatic expression used to express distress or dismay at a particular situation or crossroads. If someone is 'in a sorry state' they are hard on their luck or have met with unfortunate events. This is an expression that is more likely to be used in social contexts.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. After the recession, the country was in a sorry state of affairs - rent was high, there were high rates of unemployment and homelessness.
  2. It's a sorry state of affairs when all you have left to eat in the kitchen is cereal.
  3. It's a sorry state of affairs that huge corporations are forcing small local businesses to close down.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. It's a sorry state of affairs to have to let so many staff go.
  2. We have discovered that we are in the sorry state of having been robbed by someone within the company.
  3. It's a sorry state of affairs when our rivals have to close up shop. The same could happen to us.

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