1. a hindrance or obstruction






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the bad financial situation was an impediment to the growth of the business

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An 'impediment' refers to something which causes a setback or a hindrance to a goal or makes achieving something difficult or hard to achieve. A speech impediment is a defect in speech like a lisp or a stammer which makes it more difficult to be understood by others.

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  1. I told Shirley that she should not let her parents' disapproval be an impediment to her goal of making it in the music industry.
  2. Finance is the biggest impediment to me studying at university.

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  1. The biggest impediment to the growth of the business is the ongoing economic downturn that the country is suffering.
  2. The team of lawyers reviewed the contract and expressed their satisfaction that there was no legal impediment that would prevent the deal from going through.
  3. Carol banned her staff from using their personal phone and social media accounts while in the office because she regarded them as impediments to a productive workplace.

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