hold up/hold-up/holdup


1. appear to be true in the face of critical analysis






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the story/explanation holds up

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The phrasal verb 'hold up' means to remain true, vigorous or strong. An argument must be strong to 'hold up' to scrutiny. Trainers must be made well in order to 'hold up' to all the running and activity they are used for. As a noun a 'hold-up' can refer to a) a robbery or mugging conducted with a weapon or a threat of violence. b) a delay in traffic or something which causes a delay c) a ladies stocking

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. The suspect's story holds up, said the policeman after he had spoken to eyewitnesses.
  2. Your version of events just doesn't hold up. I think you're lying!
  3. The solicitor's explanation of the crime held up when investigators looked at the evidence.
  4. The claims held up to scrutiny and were proved to be true.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. I guarantee my work will hold up to the most intense scrutiny.
  2. I am sorry to hold up the meeting but I have one more thing I would like to discuss.
  3. I hope our hypothesis will hold up to research.

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