1. identify and approach a suitable person to fill a position






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he/she was headhunted for the role/position

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To 'headhunt' someone means to approach them and offer them a position, role or interview in a company or organisation when the person in question is usually employed elsewhere. This is a more polite way of saying you 'poached' or 'stole' someone from another company, or a way for employees to suggest they are in demand 'I have been headhunted'. You will mainly hear this used in professional contexts although it can be used in any industry such as sport or music where there is competition for talent.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. The recruitment team were given the order to headhunt a suitable candidate for the vacant role from a rival company.
  2. Claire resigned from her job after being headhunted to join a different organization who offered her an enormous salary increase and more flexible working hours.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. In my last year of school, I was headhunted and given a scholarship to study while playing for the college football team.
  2. I was headhunted by a modelling agency and managed to make enough money to get me through university.

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