have a breakthrough


1. make a sudden advance, overcome an obstacle






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have a breakthrough in talks/negotiations/your career

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A 'breakthrough' is a sudden development or discovery of importance. You can 'have a breakthrough' or 'make a breakthrough', which means to have been involved in the process of a breakthrough. This is a term used often to talk about scientific discoveries and significant research, but can be used to talk about more domestic issues also: "I made a breakthrough with my children today when one of them washed the dishes without being asked." Similar phrases include 'make a finding' and 'a major development.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. The young footballer was having a breakthrough season, managing to establish himself as an integral part of the first team having started the season in the reserves.
  2. The Prime Minister has insisted that the peace talks are progressing well, and she hopes to have made a breakthrough by the time the ceasefire between the two warring countries ends.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. After many stumbling blocks and months of back and forth, there has finally been a breakthrough in the negotiations. It won't be long now before the two sides strike a deal.
  2. breakthrough in scientific research means we may have a chemical compound to prevent aphids from destroying crops.

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