1. bring out or take advantage of






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harness potential/power/skills

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 'harness' is a set of straps or leads which are used to prevent and animal from escaping or are used to guide or control them. You can also have a 'safety harness' which is designed to protect someone from hurting themselves too badly in the event of a fall or an accident. The verb 'to harness' can mean to put a harness on something. "Harness the horse, I plan to go riding later." It can also mean to control something or make use of it - such as energy. "We can harness most of the energy we need from the sun."

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  1. We should harness the power of solar energy and save money on our electricity bills.
  2. Online forums harness the knowledge of a disparate group of people on specific subjects.

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  1. The team-building workshop should help us to harness the full potential of everyone we want working on the new project.
  2. If we harness the skills of our new employees, we can get the most out of them.

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got your due recognise

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