had my fill


1. have, consume or experience as much as one wants or is able to






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I had my fill of food/drink

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 To 'have your fill' of something is to have enough or to be satisfied. "Would you like some more casserole? No thank you, I've had my fill for the moment." "We were taken to an amazing buffet where we had our fill of food and drink." It can also have a negative connotation meaning to have too much of something. "Football is the only thing that has been on TV all month. I have had my fill for a while." This is an expression you might be more likely to hear in a casual context.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Michael told the waiter he wouldn't be having a dessert as he had eaten his fill of food.
  2. The woman politely declined a coffee as she had already had her fill of caffeine for the day.
  3. I can't stand talking to him anymore! I've had my fill of him!

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. I have had my fill of disgruntled clients for the morning. I need a break!
  2. I'd like there to be loads of catering and nice food at the event. I want everyone to have their fill before we get down to business.
  3. Our target market have their fill of fast food outlets in the area, we want to provide a fine dining alternative.

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