great minds think alike


1. praising an agreement between two or more people (and creating solidarity)






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great minds think alike

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When you say 'great minds think alike' it means when two people have the same idea or make the same choice. You might say 'great minds think alike' if your colleague makes a suggestion that you were also about to make, for example. You use this idiom to express that two people have a great thought at the same time because they think in a similar way. This is an idiom used in social and professional contexts.

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  1. I see you had the same idea as me to invite the boss over for dinner. I guess great minds think alike.
  2. I know great minds think alike so it's no surprise to me that we both wrote about the same topic in the essay competition.
  3. It was easy to beat my rival because great minds think alike and I was able to predict his every strategy.

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  1. It’s no surprise that our competitor thought of a similar product to us. Great minds think alike.
  2. When it comes to innovation it’s not a case of great minds think alike we need someone who is capable of original thoughts and creativity.

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