glutton for punishment


1. eager to take on difficult or challenging tasks






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he/she is a glutton for punishment

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A 'glutton' is a greedy or excessive eater. A 'glutton for punishment' is someone who is greedy for unpleasant or difficult tasks. Someone who is a 'glutton for punishment' may choose the more difficult option than an easier one in order to get a better result. You will hear this used in social and professional contexts.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Tom was working late every night. When he started working weekends, everyone thought he was just a glutton for punishment. It was crazy!
  2. I volunteered to do a lot of extra work on this project and to be in charge of the social committee. I must be a glutton for punishment.

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  1. You're a glutton for punishment, the man told his wife when she volunteered to organise a street party for the neighbours.
  2. When the student opted to take an extra module in final year, his lecturer told him he was a glutton for punishment.

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