give a pep talk


1. a speech that is given to encourage others






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give a pep talk

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A 'pep talk' is a speech given in order to inspire, encourage motivate others. A pep talk may be given to a team before a sports event for example in order to make them feel more confident, or you might deliver a pep talk to a team or employees in the workplace in order to motivate them. "After his pep talk, the players were ready to take on the other team." "I like to give my sales team pep talks throughout the day so they feel motivated to reach their targets."

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  1. The team were playing terribly, so the coach gave them a pep talk at half-time. They played a lot better after that. 
  2. I was really thinking about quitting my job, but my friend gave me a pep talk and helped me realise what I could achieve if I stuck with it.

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  1. Motivation is really low in the office. I think everyone could do with a pep talk.
  2. Pep talks can only go so far to improve morale. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to management.

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