(give/hand) to (somebody) on silver platter


1. get something easily and without earning it






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he/she didn't earn that, it was handed to him/her on a silver platter

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The idiomatic phrase, to be 'handed something (up) on a silver platter' means that something was provided easily or without exchanging anything. If something is 'given to you on a silver platter', the implication is that you did not have to work hard in order to receive or achieve it.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. Isabella is a very spoilt and lazy person. The trouble is that throughout her life she's been given everything on a silver platter, so she has no concept of work ethic.
  2. My father worked hard and passed the business on to me, it was given to me on a silver platter.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. Peter didn't have to work hard to get that job - his dad just pulled some strings. It was basically handed to him on a silver platter.
  2. You are by far the most qualified and deserving person for the vacant managerial position. If you don't take it, you will just hand it to someone much less capable on a platter!

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