get to grips with


1. understand an/or begin to deal with someone/something problematic






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get to grips with a problem

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The idiom to get to grips with something a means to understand or confront a problem or difficult situation. When you get to grips with something you tackle a person or situation in a direct way in order to find a solution or to comprehend what is involved.

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  1. I think that Adam really needs to get to grips with his drinking problem. It's getting out of hand now.
  2. I'm finding it difficult to get to grips with this assignment I don't think I understand it fully.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. I spent the better part of a week getting to grips with the new computer software and now they've gone and changed it again!
  2. Paul is the most troublesome student in the class, and so far the teacher has not got to grips with him.

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get a grip grasp

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