get down to brass tacks


1. focus on the most important details of something






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let's stop beating around the bush and get down to brass tacks

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 To 'get down to brass tacks' is an informal phrase meaning to begin to consider practical details or basic facts. "Let's get down to brass tacks, how much is this going to cost us?" the brass tacks are the 'essentials' in an arrangement or a discussion. Similar in meaning to 'let's get to the point'.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. I didn't want to waste any time getting down to brass tacks when I went to buy the car because I knew other people were interested in it.
  2. Let's get down to brass tacks and discuss your timetable and study schedule for the next few weeks.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Our boss felt that the meeting to discuss our new marketing strategy was dragging on for too long, so she urged us to stop beating around the bush and get down to brass tacks.
  2. Before the two businessmen got down to brass tacks, they shot the breeze for a while to break the ice. It wasn't long before they managed to strike a deal.  

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