follow (up/through) (on/with)


1. do what you promised, take appropriate action, contact someone again






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follow through on/with a promise

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This expression is most commonly used in relation to completing an activity or process that you have promised that you will do. If you follow-through with something it means you see something through to completion, you finish it or oversee something being implemented. To follow up with something or someone means to check in on its progress. These expressions are more regularly used in a professional environment. To 'follow-through' on something generally has positive connotations, often being associated with discipline, integrity, and hard work. 

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Ian never follows through on the promises he makes. It's why no one trusts him.
  2. The police followed up on all the leads they had in the case, but in the end their investigation proved fruitless.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. If you told the client that you would deliver the order by that date then you better follow through on what you said or else you'll damage your reputation.
  2. Jane actually followed through with her promise to quit if her boss didn't give her a raise. Everyone thought she was just bluffing!
  3. After meeting the suppliers to arrange the order, I followed up with them a week later to see how they were getting on.

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