1. unreliable, liable to act in an unconventional way






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a flaky person

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Something that is described as flaky breaks off easily into small layered pieces. So you could have flaky skin after getting sunburnt for example, or eat a flaky pastry. A person is someone who is considered unreliable and eccentric. Someone who promises to show up somewhere and then never arrives, or cancels at the last minute could be called flaky ie they break off plans easily. This is an adjective used in informal contexts.

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  1. The flaky software crashed and the playwright lost his entire script.
  2. The flaky professor was repeatedly late for his lectures.
  3. My brother lost his job because he was so flaky. Sometimes he didn't even show up for work!

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  1. Someone who is flaky and unreliable and could never be seriously considered for this position.
  2. That is the third time John has cancelled the meeting he is so flaky.
  3. It is time to redecorate the office. The paint on the ceiling is flaky and coming off.

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