first and foremost


1. more important than anything else






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first and foremost, something has to be done

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If you say that something is foremost it means it is the most important in rank or position. So if you say something is 'first and foremost' it means something is the most important or 'more than anything else'. "First and foremost professor Jackson was a great father to his two children." "First and foremost we need to discuss sales figures for this quarter." This is quite a formal expression you will hear mostly used in professional contexts. Similar in meaning to 'first things first'.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Alice was working as a teacher, but she considered herself an artist first and foremost and hoped to take up the profession full-time in the near future.
  2. You need to look after yourself and put your health first and foremost.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. It was sad when Robert retired. He was a good boss, but first and foremost he was a great human being who treated everyone in the office with respect
  2. First and foremost we need to put the infrastructure in place to comply with health and safety. The aesthetic work can wait if needs be.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. There's no point in wasting time talking about expanding the business into international markets right now. First and foremost, we need to establish a solid foothold domestically.

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