fill the void


1. fill an empty space, occupy empty areas, fill a gap in knowledge or a physical gap






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fill the void with, help fill the void

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To ‘fill the void’ means to add what is required in order to fulfill a need or make something whole or complete. A ‘void’ is a gap or empty space. A ‘void’ often refers to an emotional ‘hole’ such as the ‘void in your life’ left after a relationship breaks up or someone dies. Someone might refer to a ‘void’ in their childhood if one of their parents wasn’t present. Similar in meaning to ‘fill the gap’.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. At the Conference, we have nothing planned for after Lunch. Can you think of a good Speaker we could invite to help fill the void?
  2. The Reception area looks so empty since we threw out the old furniture. Should we order a few new things to fill the void?

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  1. There seems to be a void of online training skills within the company. Could we organise some training in that area?
  2. Kyle will leave a void when he moves on, he had so many different skills I think it will take two or three people to replace him.

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buy time fill a gap

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