1. made up of or consisting of






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what does that entail?

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The verb to entail means to involve as an integral part or an inevitable consequence of something. "This process will entail a huge amount of man-hours."  "Fixing the car will entail spending a lot of money." We usually use 'entail' when we are referring to details or procedures, not the physical parts of something.

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  1. What does that entail? the woman asked her landlord, when he told her that the apartment needed to be renovated.
  2. Working and studying usually entails a lot of late nights!
  3. We saw the plans for the new project, but what hours would it entail?

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  1. The number of resources this approach would entail prohibits it from being a viable option for us.
  2. This document entails the steps required for us to meet health and safety regulations.
  3. This move entails a considerable level of risk for us as a whole.

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