1. causing or involving suffering, fear or unhappiness






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a dreadful mistake/error/time, dreadfully slow

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 Dreadful is an adjective describing something awful, unpleasant or which causes suffering in some way. Something 'dreadful' literally fills us full of dread. You can have a dreadful fight or accident for example. Of then this word is used colloquially to describe something that we want to emphasise is very bad. "This food is dreadful." You will hear this adjective used often in all kinds of contexts.

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  1. Not embracing social media was a dreadful mistake that the company never recovered from.
  2. The months after his wife's death were a dreadful time for the man.
  3. Today is going dreadfully slow at work. I can't wait to get home!

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  1. Discarding of business cards someone else gives you is considered dreadful manners in China.
  2. Our website needs to be upgraded immediately it looks absolutely dreadful.

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