1. having a significant effect or outcome






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a dramatic change/rise/improvement

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Dramatic is an adjective used to describe a person or situation which is sudden, striking or over the top with emotion. Drama is linked to the theatre so a similar meaning expression is 'theatrical', although dramatic has a more negative connotation. "Maria gets so upset about little details, she can be so dramatic." "John walked through the door just as the music started playing, it was so dramatic"

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  1. We need to find out what caused the dramatic drop in sales so we can improve next time.
  2. We witnessed a dramatic improvement in his attitude after he graduated from high school.
  3. There was a dramatic rise in burglaries after the security systems were removed.

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  1. The transition from investment in electric cars as opposed ones using fossil fuels has been dramatic.
  2. What impact will a dramatic shift to working from home look like for our company in the long term?

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paradigm shift

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