down the rabbit hole


1. an endless journey of learning/research/information






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fall down the rabbit hole

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This idiom is a pop culture reference from the novel 'Alice in Wonderland' and refers to a process or journey that becomes more unpredictable, unexpected and strange as you continue. You might use this to explain that you are going on an unknown journey or that you expect problems or strange things to happen. "I have never had a client in Japan before, this will be a journey down the rabbit hole for me.

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  1. The group of friends fell down the rabbit hole when they began talking about conspiracy theories. 
  2. Browsing Facebook can be like going down the rabbit hole. Sometimes it's never-ending!

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  1. Setting up your own business can feel like a journey down the rabbit hole but it is easy to take the first few steps.
  2. We are trying to create an environment where employees can be more imaginative and innovative. I don't know where this will lead, its a journey down the rabbit hole.

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