due diligence


1. a detailed investigation into someone/something in preparation for a business transaction






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do due diligence on someone/something

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'Due diligence' refers to the actions a person or company takes to ensure a reasonable amount of care or safety for themselves or others. Examples of due diligence at home, for example, might be taking security precautions such as locking your door and closing windows to ensure someone can't break-in easily to your home. In business affairs due diligence can also refer to the process of examining financial information of a company or organisation before making an agreement to work together or do business together. You will usually only hear this term used to discuss legal or business matters.

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  1. The takeover of the company may take place this week. It all hinges on whether we find any financial irregularities when we do our due diligence.
  2. Doing due diligence is an important part of an employer's responsibility when hiring new staff. It is a good way of ensuring that you are getting the right people on board. 

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  1. I have permission from the publisher to reproduce the text so I have done my due diligence as far as copyright is concerned.
  2. Due diligence is sometimes as little as just alerting the authorities to a problem so that they can deal with it.

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