1. disappear or lessen considerably






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the feeling/emotion/money dissipated

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This verb means to reduce in number, amount or severity. It is used often in medical contexts to talk about the reduction of symptoms: "The rash has begun to dissipate." It is also used often to talk about crowds dispersing: "The fans began to dissipate when the match was finished" To dissipate meaning to waste or throw away also refers to the lessening or reduction of something: "It's such a shame you don't play the piano anymore. Your talent will dissipate." "Middle-class Americans find their income quickly dissipates after normal monthly spending." This is a formal expression used more in official communication and professional contexts.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. The couple's feelings for each other dissipated when they lived apart.
  2. The child's fear of spiders dissipated when he got a pet tarantula.
  3. She had a lot of talent when she was younger, but it dissipated over the years.
  4. He had made his fortune in his twenties, but he went mad spending it, so it quickly dissipated.

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  1. The hype around our original launch has dissipated so we need to look at new ways of generating excitement.
  2. It can be clearly observed from this chart a customer spending has dissipated in the last few months.

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