1. a division or contrast between two people or things






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the dichotomy between two political parties

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A 'dichotomy' is a division or contrast between two things in opposition to each other or radically different. This is a formal noun usually used in professional or academic situations to discuss two things or ideas. 

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  1. There's a clear dichotomy in pay and conditions between the public and private sector in most professions.
  2. The idea that out of the two major political parties; one supports the working class while the other only cares about the wealthy, creates a false dichotomy that leads to unnecessary division within the country.

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  1. The dichotomy of far-left and far-right politics has never been more apparent on social media.  We need to look at how we are going to respond to that reality.
  2. The concept of the dichotomy of gender in an era where for many gender fluidity is a term of self-identification is dated.

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