1. to end sth by damaging it






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destroy reputation/evidence

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'To destroy' means to end or put a stop to something by damaging or attacking it, or to defeat or ruin someone in a huge way. You could destroy a room or a building by setting it on fire, or damaging it for example, or destroy a relationship by revealing something bad. You can also destroy someone's reputation by saying bad things about them. This is a common verb used in social and professional contexts. Similar in meaning to 'demolish'. v

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  1. Valuable evidence was destroyed when the police failed to protect the crime scene.
  2. The doctor's reputation was destroyed when he incorrectly diagnosed his patients.

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  1. The companies reputation has been completely destroyed by the scathing review in the newspaper.
  2. We can't risk any work being lost or destroyed so we have it backed up on a number of servers across the world.

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